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Why trade in a pig feeder?

Do your feeders no longer meet your needs or (future) welfare requirements: VERBA always has the right feeder for you in its product range. Moreover, we can fully adapt a trough to your needs. For example, we are currently seeing an explosive increase in demand for feed troughs for fattening pigs with a feed width of 350mm because of the Beter Leven 1 star revision as of 2025 and the mandatory long tails as of 2030. And those extra wide feeders VERBA has for you, after all, we are leaders in innovation for pig farming! But of course you also want to sell your old stuff, what is the smartest way to do that?

Sell the feeder yourself or trade it in?

Naturally, you would also like to get rid of your used feeders. Most pig farmers choose to sell them themselves over the Internet. They want to stay in control. And we prefer that too. After all, you will keep much more money from it than if you have it bought up through a dealer in used stable equipment. Consider transportation costs, storage costs and the used stable equipment dealer's profit margin that you don't lose now. Marketplace, Ebay social media or digital bulletin boards are excellent media for this. This varies by country.

If you prefer not to work with them and are satisfied with a lower trade-in price, we can put you in contact with several dealers in used stable equipment. We are not dependent on 1 single buyer like others are, but have contact with multiple traders in used farrowing pen equipment at home and abroad who are interested in your old piglets and pigs feeders, of any brand! This way you always have the best price from the trade, you keep control and you are not a thief of your own wallet.

Why is the trade in used and new feeders deliberately separated?

We believe that you should pay close attention to the health of your pigs. Transporting and handling used feeders and new feeders interchangeably, we believe, poses too high a health risk to your pigs. Ingestion of dirt, old feed, manure, and possible bacteria inevitably puts our production or transportation equipment at risk and we want to avoid this 100% at all times. Hence, we believe we should not combine this.

Transparent price if you sell your own feeders

The biggest advantage if you sell your feeders yourself or through a dealer, which we may pass along to you, is that you see exactly at the bottom of the line what you pay for your new product and what you receive for your used feeders. This is the most transparent. We like transparency and don't want to give you the feeling that you are getting too little for your used feeders or paying too much for your new feeders due to an unfavorable markup. After all, that is the risk if you place this directly or indirectly with 1 party. We do not have any interest in any company that sells used feeding troughs and would like to keep it that way. We single give you the addresses of dealers in used livestock housing and you are in charge. But we advise if you want to get the best deal: always sell your own feeders! We always hear that used VERBA troughs fetch the most of any brand and also sell the fastest, and for good reason! The quality is and remains excellent even with longer use and in addition we always have spare parts in our range. Take this into consideration when buying a new feeder.

We are happy to help you!

Piglet feeder with Duodrinker 2x2 stainless steel drinking bowl