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VERBA Family Feeder celebrates 10-year anniversary!

In 2014, together with breeding company Brummelhuis, we took the first steps with the VERBA Family Feeder (KZB) - an innovative stainless steel feeder for free-range farrowing (rearing) pens, from which the mother can eat together with her piglets. The results were spectacular and Brummelhuis became our first customer to fully equip their pen with the Family Feeder. Thanks in part to their enthusiasm, the VERBA Family Feeder has now become an important product in our range.

We have since sold more than 10,000 units throughout Europe, learning a lot about what works and what doesn't. The VERBA Family Feeder stands out for its robustness, excellent results and numerous customization options. This makes it the ideal choice for both new and to-be-renovated farrowing pens.

Why choose the VERBA Family Feeder?

  • Durable and strong: Full stainless steel with ultra-strong bead edges.
  • Healthy piglets: Much less growth check due to early partaking of solid feed and drinking with the mother.
  • Active/Fit Sows: Sows take in fresh feed according to their own needs, get on their feet more often and are fitter as a result.
  • Better milk production: Due to higher feed intake, the sow has better milk production.
  • Minimal feed loss: Partially closed sides prevent spillage. Small portions ensure the trough is well eaten and drunk.
  • Space-saving: Single 21 cm deep, so there is little loss of space in depth.
  • Hygienic: Fully enclosed all around for a neat and hygienic farrowing pen.
  • Flexibility: Available in all heights and widths for renovations.
  • Optional: With or without dosing mechanism, vision windows, additional water lines and various adjustment options.

Are you or do you know someone who would like to try the VERBA Family Feeder? In honor of the 10th anniversary of the VERBA Family Feeder, we have a special promotion to introduce you to this unique feeder. Contact us at info@verba.nl or call +31(0)413-474036 and discover the possibilities!

VERBA FamilyFeeder