S-curve 30 degrees turned for pig drink nipples and tubes


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Item number: 98005

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The 30 degree Verba stainless steel ½" S-bend is made of stainless steel 304 and has an internal half-inch thread at the top and bottom. It replaces 2 stainless steel knees/fittings mounted together that are rotated 30 degrees from each other that saves a lot of labor time. The Verba S-bend is tremendously solid and is more resistant to leaks than assembled stainless steel knees. These stainless steel S-bends are used for Verba mash tuns and dosers among others in which the nipples must point 30 degrees forward. At the top, a ½" pipe with a male thread can be screwed in and at the bottom, a ½" pipe or a ½" drinking nipple can be screwed in, as with the liquid feeders.

Dimension: 69mm high, 75mm wide, 30mm between the 2 spouts