O-ring EPDM 9,19×2,62mm for Verba pig drinking nipple


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Item number: 8210606-1

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Rubber EPDM O-ring 9.19×2.62mm for in Verba ½" drinking nipple. Easy retrofit replacement in Verba drinking nipple. For feeding slightly acidified water and feeding whey through the drinking nipple, we strongly recommend Viton O-rings. EPDM but also stainless steel will be affected by acid.

Size: Internal size is 9.19mm. Thickness of the ring is 2.62mm. External size of the ring is 14.43mm.

Warranty/remark: The EPDM O-ring is highly resistant to a large number of acids. Nevertheless, we do not provide a warranty on drinking nipple parts if water is acidified, if drinking water is preventively chemically treated, or if water lines are cleaned with chemicals. O-rings are wear parts and do not have an unlimited life.