Verba pig drinking nipple long ½" external thread


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Item number: C13-0155

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High quality and durable drinking nipple

The Verba pig drinking nipple, made of ½" external thread stainless steel 304, offers durable and high quality for dispensing drinking water in liquid troughs, feeders and single drinking troughs for pigs. This drinking nipple is suitable for piglets, finishing pigs and sows, making it a versatile choice for different types of swine housing.

Adjustable passage and high-quality components

The drinking nipple features an adjustable passage/nozzle with stainless steel 304 strainer, a stainless steel block plate (4 mm thick) to block the spring, a 35 mm stainless steel spring, a stainless steel spring protector, a stainless steel pin and an EPDM rubber ring. Thanks to these high-quality components, the drinking nipple can withstand the harsh conditions of a pig farm. The parts of the Verba liquid nipple can be ordered separately and are easy to replace yourself with an Allen key.

Independently adjustable and versatile in use

This pin nipple is adjustable independently of the water pressure, ensuring a constant and reliable water flow. We use this drinking nipple in all our pig feeders. Moreover, the drinking nipple can be converted into a whey nipple, which is useful if, for example, you want to feed cheese whey to your pigs. In that case, the whey should not contain any chunks to prevent clogging. In addition, we recommend replacing the EPDM ring with a Viton O-ring to increase the life span when using whey or acids.

Dimensions and specifications

  • Drinking nipple housing: 60 mm long (including thread)
  • Portion of the pin that protrudes: 45 mm long
  • Pin diameter: 8 mm
  • Overall length of drinking nipple: 105 mm

Warranty and important note

The Verba nipple has an EPDM O-ring, which is resistant to many acids. Nevertheless, we do not provide warranty on nipples if water is acidified, drinking water is chemically treated preventively, or water pipes are cleaned with chemicals. We offer a 1-year warranty on construction faults.

Choose quality and durability

Choose the Verba pig drinking nipple to provide your pigs with reliable and clean drinking water. Please feel free to contact us if you would like the drinking nipples to be supplied ex-factory with a Viton O-ring or as a whey nipple at a small additional cost. Order now and experience the benefits of this high-quality drinking nipple for yourself.