O-ring Viton 9,19×2,62mm for Verba pig drink nipple (better acid resistant ring)


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Item number: 8210606-4

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Rubber Viton O-ring 9.19×2.62mm for Verba ½" drinking nipple. This Viton O-ring is more acid resistant and has very good chemical resistant properties compared to other rubber qualities. When feeding slightly acidified water but also when feeding whey through the drinking nipple, we strongly recommend this Viton ring. EPDM rings, but also stainless steel are affected by acid.

Size: Internal size is 9.19mm. Thickness of the ring is 2.62mm. External size of the ring is 14.43mm.

Warranty/remark: The Viton O-ring is highly resistant to a large number of acids. Nevertheless, we do not provide a warranty on drinking nipple parts if water is acidified, if drinking water is preventively treated with chemicals, or if water lines are cleaned with chemicals. O-rings are wear parts and do not have an unlimited life.