Adjustable outlet / nozzle with stainless steel sieve for Verba pig drinking nipple


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Item number: C13-0162

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Adjustable outlet / nozzle for the Verba pig drinking nipple with a stainless steel sieve. The outlet is internally equipped with a 3-stage adjustment and a stainless steel 304 sieve that prevents contamination of the drinking water. The internal adjustment in the nipple is easy to adjust in 3 possible positions with a screwdriver. This makes the nipple independent of the water pressure to set.

Dimension: 5/8" internal size Verba nipple

Warranty/Note: The adjustable orifices are well resistant to a wide range of acids. Nevertheless, we do not grant any warranty on drinking nipple parts if water is acidified, if drinking water is preventively chemically treated, or if water lines are cleaned with chemicals.