Verba Heating Plates

The Verba 35mm thick floor heating elements for piglets are available in all sizes due to complete in-house production. Also the thickness and the number of meters of hose of the floor heating for piglets nests can be adjusted.

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  • Almost any size and shape available
  • Both inlay and overlay model possible
  • Indestructible soft non-slip rubber top layer
  • Equipped with Ø15mm oxygen tight heating hoses
  • Energy consumption 130 Watt/m2
  • Even temperature distribution
  • Water and oxygen tight system so power remains constant
  • Plastic is naturally warm to the touch
  • Perfectly insulated on the underside due to stagnant air insulation
  • Retains its heat for a long time
  • Applicable in almost every floor type
  • No water leaks due to good quick connectors
  • Easy mounting by means of quick couplings
  • Very durable underfloor heating with high own weight of + 30KG/m2
  • Total 100m1 heating hose per circuit is recommended
  • Water inflow up to a maximum of 55 degrees
  • It is a mooring heater not a space heater
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Warranty: 7 years on material and construction faults.

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Piglet heating plates

Optimizing heat in piglet nests during the farrowing period plays a crucial role in preventing hypothermia of piglets in the first days of life. An effective and efficient way to achieve this is to use floor heating systems. Verba floor heating elements, manufactured with a thickness of 35 mm, provide an excellent heat source for piglets in the farrowing pen, focusing on water-heated plates because of their durability and energy efficiency.

Verba floor heating elements are manufactured in-house, which allows us to ensure the quality of each element and customize it to the specific needs of your stable. These elements are designed with maximum heat output and comfort for the piglets in mind. Using water as a heat source, our heating elements can provide even and comfortable heat distribution throughout the piglet pen.

Features heating plates

One of the key features of our water-heated plates is their high diffusion density, which means they prevent heat from escaping and provide more efficient heat transfer to the piglets. This not single results in a more pleasant ambient temperature for the piglets, but also helps save energy by minimizing heat loss.

Installation of our water-heated floor heating systems is easy thanks to the use of high-quality quick connectors that prevent leakage and allow for quick installation. In addition, the heating elements can be customized to meet the specific needs of your stable, including choosing the right size, shape and finish.

It is important to note that the efficiency of our water-heated plates is approximate and may depend on several factors, such as water supply capacity, ambient temperature in the stable and the number of plates installed per heating pump. However, by choosing Verba water-heated floor heating elements, you can benefit from optimal heat output, energy efficiency and comfort for your piglets, resulting in a healthier and more productive environment for your pigs.

Electrically heated heating panels we have a licensed installer install so it works safely and properly.

Both systems consume +/- 130 watts/m2


When connecting, use single full bore couplings. We can supply these at a competitive price. Efficiency is approximate and depends on various factors including supply water capacity - pen temperature in the house - type of connection - inflow temperature - number of plates per heat pump - length of connecting hoses, etc.

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